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I have jelly beans! jely beans jelly beans jelly beans

that is all

sarah x

I want to murder...

The neighbours dog, It is driving me crazy! its bark changes every few minutes and just when you think its stopped it starts again.
my head hurts, I'm not sleeping and for once I would like a lie in thats not interupted by barking!!!!!
Try telling the neighbours, they deny its their dog, cause it doesn't bark when they're there.
If any has watched "keeping mum" a very good film with rowan atkinson and maggie smith in it, well thats what I want to do with this dog!!!!

Anyway in other news, very happy. although can't find anything to help me with ww2 landarmy stuff.. annoying.

oh and I got a bustle... I can now walk around and ask "does my bum look big in this?" hehehe

Bryns in America, which is keeping me on tenderhooks with my emails... I never ever used to be like this.

Anyway, I am going to go and google whether I can shoot, blow up or wack over the head wth spade, the dog that lives next door and never stops barking!!!!!

sarah/ Nel


So was sitting down this afternoon happy that I had saved money, and that I had money coming in, and that soon I would be able to move out and be happy!
But of course, no it wouldnt last. Flat has fallen through and I am not moving. so grrr

on the plus side it is kentwell this weekend :) I will see all my friends :) and my boyfriend will be here this weekend :D

Must be positive...

days off

Isn't it nice when you find out you have a weekend off work..Best feeling in the world. Especially when you realise that your meant to go somewhere on the sat...

YAY! I have friday and sat off next weekend and am feeling great, means I can go to kw 1st open day... hehehe

the only anoying this is my lovely wonderful boyfriend hasn't got his forms in!!! ergh!

sarah x

York and general ramblings...

So did my first event with Milte de Bec, which was great and I enjoyed it alot!
The tequlia ceremony was a great bit with lots of getting to know each other :)

Pete did a great job sewing me a dress. which I love him for, and also for the shift he has made me :) YAY!

Now I have to get my head round kentwell... ergh

On plus side I have a lovely boyfriend... hehe a re-enactor who is wonderful.
He asked me out on valentines day which was so sweet, and it was great having him at York with me. Even if he did moon people during his toast at the tequlia ceremony.. hmm. on purpose...

My birthday!

So it was my birthday last thursday, and it was an interesting 21st.
Went for a manicure, a fancy meal at The Lemon tree in colchester. the presents were good too. a beautiful book on the tudors which pretty pictures, a cusion saying lady of the manor, and a wonderful hand stitched shift from my brother, (although that one was my xmas present), and lots of money.

On saturday I had a couple of friends down and we went round the castle, which was fun. then after that had a huge party, with lots of people and pressies. which is good :)
had a fantastic time.. so thankyou to everyone...

oh and today brought a fresh water pink pearl necklace with matching earings... with the birthdya money... sooo pretty!

Nel x

I hab a cold...

So got back from a really nice weekend, aching and feeling very tired. Thinking I had tired myself out thought nothing about it, until that evening when I started sniffing and feeling dizy. So this morning realised I have a stinking cold :(
not nice. so spending the day with a box of tissues and a blanket wrapped around me.
Its a shame the cat wont sit on my lap. shes being very annoying.. she should be cuddled up with me!
OH yes and Its my birthday on thursday, so hoping to be better by then.

Sarah x

belated happy christmas

happy christmas to everyone!
oh and a happy new year.

right so am at my cousins this new year which is down near portsmouth.
so happyly sleeping in the spare room this morning when suddenly there is the cutest mewing, trying to get my head round it I think, must be my aunts kitten, so go and open the door, nope.
clamber back into bed and suddenly I hear it again, opening my curtains there he is outside the window, (now this is on the second floor). so Not sure how he did it, but once inside thought it would be fun to curl up under the covers and puurr as much as possible... which is nice.
hmm the aventures of Sarah... must do more exciting things, will be my new years resolution.


is there anyone who could help?

what do you know about neoplatonic mystascism and its relationship to mediaval pseudo dionysian inspired negitivist light and its religious and architectural context?

My friend is stuck on his essay question and I said I'd try and help.

Timey wimey stuff

So if I was actually a tudor in tudor times, what would I being doing? I like to think I was called Nel and that I was happy, even an alchemists apprentice. But what if i was and I am now an ancestor of that person re-enacting what I exactly did. Except it wasn't me it was my ancestor.
sorry had the weirdest dream where that happened.

hmm, really need to concentrate on other things but this keeps going through my head..... ooo chocolate, nevermind.