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This January

So this january will be a very busy one.
 Apart from the snow which I am now finding annoying as its keeping me locked up with the family.
I am hoping to go to 12th night at Wychurst bur with the snow I not sure what is happening.. but I hope to does happen, A weekend in a forest in a saxon longhall smelling of wood smoke is heaven.
As I said this month is really busy, I am wrking most days with no days off which is perfect as it earns me more money
Bryn has a job interview wednesday which is great as he is being made redundent soon :(

Then my birthday weekend Bryn is taking me to Ireland which I am so excited about! I've never been, so I am looking forward to drinking Guiness and visiting friends.

Anyway update Christmas was a small affair. Spent most of it with Bryn which was great, we;re coming up to a year now, and this year we are dedicating spare time to De Bec, my norman re-enacting. My kit is coming along great. will post photos soon.

well must run. have got to sew! yes me sewing!


I have a job interview on thursday!!!! So happy! its at a childrens shoe shop in colchester :)

Very very happy,

OH and also really enjoying scaresville :D

In other news, it was Bryns Birthday the other day and really enjoyed wearing silly hats at his party.
we also went away for a week to a place called Northiam.. its near Battle.
Here we are with cannons in Rye and enjoying Boduim castle... oh and yes and it rained the whole time.

castleton and sheffield

So went to castleton this weekend in Deberyshire. iIt was great the setting was lovely and it was a great turn out for the whole of Regia.
the only thing wrong was me falling backwards down a hill. Thinking it was my ankle we went to st johns ambulance who elevated it and put a ice pack on it. by Sat in evening I was in immense pain and elevating it just hurt more, plus the ice packs were freezing my toes off. Carl from the welsh group who used to be in the TA decided the next morning that maybe I had broken something, so off we went to hospital which was 16 miles away in Shefflied. It's not broken, the kind nurse said I had pulled the leg muscle and elevating it has aggravated it
So I am back on crutches.. which is not fun, and the bandage it all the way up my leg.
grr silly sarah



I am extremly excited about monday, which I am normally not excited about because monday are icky and remind me that I don't have work, but any way I hear people yelling "get to the point!".
On monday I am visiting a family friend who works for an event management team, He wants to interview me for a job in selling and advertising in this company! Am not sure if this is long term, or short but I will update on monday,
very very excited and hoping this is the break I have been waiting for :)

Finally some good news

So I have some amazing news for everyone

2 years ago I struggled with depression and lonliness due to the silly course I was doing at Hastings university (part of brighton). After my two years of suffering they failed me, made me retake something and then failed me again.

then today I found out that they re-evaluated this thus PASSING ME!!!!

I now have a Fda in Broadcast media,,, after all my suffering I have achieved something, and not feeling like a failure anymore :D

So rejoice as I am

oh and Bess can I have Victoria to sleep over next wednesday??? pretty please.. xxx


kentwell crash

So am back from kentwell, and have just got over the tired crash.

I had an amazing time there, as gentry pavillion head cook I felt I really pushed myself in a good way.
Also on the last day was dressed up in gentry kit and felt amazing.

Thought me and victoria got on really well infact today we met up and went to the cinema which was great

ahh there is so much i want to say but getting suffocated by next doors bonfire! what a stupid thing to do, and there lovely dog is barking again :(

anyway will post more when I get my head straight

thanks so much to Bess, Edmund, Victoria and Teddy. had an amazing time on station xxx

Nel  Cookie


I hate tonsils and am very unsure for what they are needed for. Mine are extremely swollen and according to the doctor "quite impressive" grr doesnt help the fact that eating is a no no as well as talking (although some are happy about this)
I suppose its good that Bryn is away in India because talking to him on the phone hurts too much.

on the positive side of life though;

I am getting my tudor dress this week :D and will have pictures as soon as I have it

Bryn has a nice tudor name Giddeon... which is funny but I think suits him

OH and I have a big shiny new tent for kentwell... although my dad refuses for me to put it up and then leave it for a couple of days.

Also have been offered work on the sunday in the second weekend... so must email Bess... will do that now. Bess If your reading this I have emailed you and I am so sorry for not doing it sooner.

Nel x

Boredness and snow accident

Ok so bored of my accident. My ankle hurts I cant move and it sucks.
So far I have organised my dvd collection, sorted out papers. And got annoyed at day time tv.
So I have one thing left to do. Conquer my fear of sewing and make something!
My mum is going to help me make a very nice tudor dress.
I know I am paying to make one as well, but I reckon if I start this one I can have another spare one that will be nice.
So any idea for designs?

Nel x


This is me ski-ing downhill very fast, and this is what I am doing this coming week, why oh why I keep wondering...
Lets hope I don't break anything...

In other news pp has decided that I should be on the gentry pavillion.... silently panicking about costume, but looked at the station list and I get on with all the people there so no problem about that and I am sure I will be fine after some nudging in the right directions
All I have to decide now is who I am, what I am and when I am actually going.
tempted to tell my  boss to shove it and do two weeks and all weekends :)

Right back to packing, must remember insurence, first aid kit and emergancy numbers when I do hurt myself...

Nel x


So this weekend I met the parents of my boyfriend Bryn.. this was certainly nerve racking but they thought me wonderful so feeling less stressed.
Had a amazing weekend going to canterbury, having tai for lunch and then touring the catherdrel, even if the weather was awful!!!

so on sunday, de bec (my norman re-enactment society) when to oxfordshire, to train with horses, fighting around them, on them etc.
only experienced riders were riding, but it was great fun to watch
Anyway I let slip that I had a tiny fear of horses, so I was made to stroke, groom and then ride a horse, and you know what? It was amazing and I really enjoyed it.
infact I really want to take up horse riding now :)

so does anyone know anywhere cheap near colchester that I can do horse riding at?

Nel x



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